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Jennifer Grace Dean is an immigration lawyer based in Roanoke who helps individuals and families throughout Virginia in federal immigration cases. Learn more about your options. For a free consultation, call (540) 358-5593.

Immigration Lawyer in Roanoke

The Virginia Immigration Law Center is a private law firm that helps individuals and families in Roanoke, Virginia, and the surrounding region navigate the complex federal immigration system.

Immigration Legal Services

The benefits of obtaining legal status are clear. People often feel a greater sense of stability. They are able to seek out better employment. They also gain a measure of protection against removal.

There are different forms of legal status in the United States. In addition to the ability to work lawfully and apply for a social security, most forms of legal status create an avenue to apply for a driver's license.

During our initial, 60-minute free consultation, our legal team discuss your individual history and review whether you are eligible for legal status, including:


Few situations are more upsetting than discovering that a loved one has been arrested by immigration authorities and placed in removal proceedings. When faced with the possibility of deportation, it is critical to know your options. Each case outcome will depend on the circumstances unique to a person’s family, immigration, and criminal history.

If a person in removal proceeding qualifies for legal status, applying for or obtaining that legal status may prevent deportation from the United States. Even if a person does not qualify for legal status, it still may be possible to reach an agreement with the government or the judge to allow a person to stay if the person does not meet removal priorities.

Pending Immigration Cases

Perhaps you tried applying on your own and you have an encountered an obstacle. We can assist with a pending case - especially if you have received a government notice requesting additional information or documents.

When the government believes you have not submitted sufficient information or documents, you will receive a letter detailing where your application is lacking. Normally, there is not much time to respond so if you are unsure how to proceed, it is very important to reach out as soon as possible.

Contact an Immigration Lawyer in Roanoke

If you need help, you are welcome to schedule a free, 60-minute consultation. We represent clients throughout Virginia and can talk in person, by phone, or via video conference to develop a plan of action.

To take the next step, schedule a consultation by calling our office at (540) 358-5593.