Alma Parra

Alma Parra
Alma Parra
Legal Receptionist

Alma was born in Whittier, California, but lived most of her childhood in Roanoke. She has always loved
to read and learn new things about the world. She moved to Mexico with her family when she was
thirteen; there, she began to truly appreciate her Hispanic roots. She learned how to read, write, and
fluently speak Spanish in her parents’ hometown in Guanajuato Mexico; she also provided tutoring
sessions for her classmates that wanted to learn English. She returned to her birth town to graduate
from Pioneer High School in 2014 and has lived in several parts of Mexico and the USA throughout the
Knowledge is one of the most important things to Alma and she believes that it should be shared with
those to need it and are willing to learn. She volunteered in INAEBA, an educational program in
Guanajuato; where she gave classes to adults and elders in her community that could not read or write.
She is very close with her family and tries to help them in every way she can. In 2018, she moved back to
Roanoke with her younger brother in order to help him pursue his educational aspirations. She loves to
read, sing and write during her free time. She also treats everyone with patience and kindness and will
do everything to make people smile.