José Cazarez

Legal Assistant

José was born in Colima, Mexico and came to the United States when he was three months old, along with his older brother, to live with family. He is passionate about human and animal rights and feels that everyone deserves a fair chance at the life they deserve.  In the middle of the immigration process himself, José wants to see others succeed at becoming inclusive members of the American dream.

José graduated from Oak Park High School in Kansas City, Missouri. He was part of Distributive Education Clubs of America (DECA) and competed regionally with students across the state of Missouri. After achieving his goal of citizenship, José wants to move on to study Criminal Justice and obtain his Bachelor’s degree in that field.

Prior to joining the firm, Jose spent the past three years working in the banking industry. His experience has taken him through the retail, sales, and operations sides of the financial field. Jose’s passion with helping people carried over as clients from the bank would reach out for his assistance on a variety of community matters.

José has two, four-legged children. He enjoys taking them all on rides in the car, spending time with his family back home in Kansas City, and enjoys reading inspirational stories about people pursuing their dreams.